About me

At the age of ten I got my hands on my first camera. This was all I needed to spark a lifelong passion for filming. I started off recording crude shots, capturing small moments. With age I progressed to filming small clips for me and my friends of our snowboard adventures. I soon realised that I wanted more and decided to train as a camera man after I left school. Here I met many young like-minded people from all over Germany with whom I could swap ideas and experiences. Finally, I could do what I always wanted to, film projects. 

After multiple internships in tv productions I soon realised my true calling was feature films. My network grew and I started working on productions for film festivals and competitions. Today I work as a freelance cameraman and I love my job more than ever. Every set is something special and every day gives you the opportunity to learn something new. Most of the time about oneself.

Aesthetics is paramount to my being. What has always drawn me to filming and photography is the beauty of the captured image. The way the light falls, the shapes that complement each other, the emotions that can be portrayed and the fact that my camera allows me to conceive all of this in exactly the way I wish. With my work I aim to convey the beauty in every detail and give life to every picture.

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